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Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – What are the benefits?

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It is important to have a regular vacuum cleaner, such as upright or canister vacuum, in every household. However, having handheld vacuum cleaner can be useful as well. While it is hard to pick the best handheld vacuum cleaner, we are here to help you by putting together the best handheld vacuum cleaners list. Here are our picks for the best handheld vacuum cleaners:

  1. Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

Eureka 71B hand-held vacuum is the best handheld vacuum in our opinion. It has more than 1,500 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.5 stars. It weighs less than 5 pounds and has 20 feet long cord. This vacuum also comes with a stretch hose to reach for hardly reachable places. Both, the hose and the cord, wrap around the vacuum, not making a mess and removing the risk of you stepping onto them.

Brush roll, in Eureka 71B helps to clean stairs and upholstery. In addition, crevice tool and riser visor come as well to provide the best cleaning experience for carpeted stairs. Fingertip control lets you turn the vacuum on and off just by a flip of a finger. This best handheld vacuum cleaner is a perfect fit for a car as well. With the help of the hose, it can reach under the seats, and other areas.

  1. Dirt Devil BD10045RED AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Hand Vac

Dirt Devil BD10045RED is the second best hand held vacuum cleaner on our list. While our number one pick was corded, this vacuum cleaner is cordless and is power by a Energy Star qualified battery. The battery is based on AccuCharge technology, and it has longer battery life, charges twice as quickly as regular batteries, and utilizes 70% less energy. The 15.6 volt battery guarantees no loss in suction. Dirt Devil BD10045RED is bagless – you can drop your dirt directly into trash box. Even though it has a battery, it is extremely lightweight – it weighs only 3.25 pounds. The robot aspirapolvere xiaomi will have the best technology and features for the cleaning of the house. The use of the vacuum cleaners should be there to get the desired results. The weight of the machines is less when compared to the other company. The consumption of the energy is less with the vacuum cleaners. 

Dirt Devil has no doubt in its product, giving you 3 years warranty. If that does not assure you about the vacuum’s quality, it has more than 100 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. It is a perfect vacuum for cars and home, and it is even better vacuum than our number one pick. However, it is a little bit more expensive than Eureka 71B. That’s the reason why it is the second best hand held vacuum.

  1. Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Hand Vac

Black & Decker Pivot vacuum is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners, and it is our number three pick. It has more than 300 reviews on Amazon, and their average is 4 stars. Not only people are satisfied with the quality of this vacuum, but also it comes with a two year warranty, in case something happens to it. Black & Decker Pivot has a nice shape of a whistle. It has the best design of all of the handheld vacuum cleaners on this list.

However, the design is not the only valuable feature this vacuum possesses. As well as Dirt Devil BD10045RED, it is a cordless vacuum cleaner, running on a 18 battery. The battery provides runs a high performance motor with cyclonic action. The cyclonic action is patented technology and it provides even better performance. It also comes with removable and washable dirt bowl and filters, so you wouldn’t have to keep buying new bowls and filters. To make it easy for you, Black & Decker put a LED light in that will tell you when the filter or a bowl needs to be washed or changed. It comes with on-board tools, such as extendable crevice tool and brush.

  1. Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vacuum

Another vacuum cleaner from Black & Decker made our best handheld vacuum cleaners list. While Black & Decker Pivot has 18 volt battery, CHV1510 has 15.6 volt battery, and this battery qualifies for Energy Star requirements. It also has the light that indicates when the battery needs charging. Because the battery has less power, the vacuum is less powerful. However, it is still a very good and reliable vacuum cleaner. Amazon has 200+ reviews for this vacuum, and the average review is 4 stars. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight and weighs less than 3 pounds. The nice design and long nozzle gives the vacuum longer reach, so it could more easily reach tight spaces.

This vacuum also comes without a bag. Instead, it has a bowl that can be easily cleaned without any mess. Cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter, what helps to maintain the suction power. Black & Decker CHV15100 uses a 3-stage filtration system that gives you cleaner air exhaust and less clogging.

  1. BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

While BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser is not suitable for vacuuming the house as a whole because of its size, it is a perfect vacuum cleaner to clean certain spots, or your car. It is a handheld vacuum cleaner and can easily fit in a backpack. Additionally, it is very affordable – it costs around $30. It has more than 400 Amazon reviews with 4.5 stars average. Unfortunately, it has one disadvantage – it is pretty bulky. However, it is still one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser has an installed HEPA filter to prevent the allergens from escaping the dirt container. The filter is washable as well, so you will not need to buy new filters. It comes with two interchangeable nozzles: hard nozzle and flexible rubber contour nozzle. Both of the nozzles can be used for different surfaces. BISELL Pet Hair Eraser also has easy-grip handle with fingertip-access on/off switch for easy control.

While this vacuum cleaner is not an optimal solution for vacuuming your house, it can be a good choice for picking up pet hair quickly.

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