The term weight training often gives an image of huge bulky muscles with extreme vascularity (leanness). More often than not, this is attributed to popular figureheads who were bodybuilders. That is why people who have been given this misconception tend to shy away from weight training and its awesome benefits, especially females.

Weight training myths

Myth #1: Weight training makes a person bulky. It seems that anybody who thinks they weight train will get big and bulky almost immediately. Though a plausible ambition to some, majority seem to think otherwise. The physiques of bodybuilders are the result of years of training and strict nutrition. Thinking that you will become like them overnight is simply… vain.

Females also do not have the hormone production which is responsible for growth of muscles. Testosterone is produced far more in males than females. Which means you females can relax because unless you take steroids, your physiology and biological systems will not allow you to get that big bulky look. The pre workout supplements are available for females for increasing the energy level. The doctors should allow them to take the medicine and perform the desired work. With exercise, there will be sweating, so the pills can be consumed through females for increasing the stamina with a healthy diet. 

Myth #2: Light weight and high reps make you look tone. This is probably one of the most popular beliefs almost all females are guilty of. First of all, the tone look you are looking for is simply a low percentage of body-fat. Training has almost nothing to do with it, rather nutrition has. With good nutrition and training, you will lose fat and your body will feel more toned and shapely.

In fact, training heavy for low reps can actually help you get more toned. You see, being tone is a combination of low body-fat and the tension your muscles have while at rest. By training with heavy weights, you will have more neuro-muscular tension, thus, the better tension your muscles have at rest.

Myth #3: Cardio is the only way to get thin. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that endless cardio will and is the only thing to get you thin. Doing too much cardio is actually counter-productive. It raises cortisol levels and adrenal fatigue. This in turns add stress to you and inhibits your body’s ability to lose fat and add lean muscle.

Myth #4: Starving yourself can make you thinner and look better. This is another popular method used by many who wants quick results. Do not do this at all cost! When you starve yourself and deprive your body of nutrition it needs, it eats away at your lean muscle tissue (this is because fat is easier to maintain than muscle) and though you become smaller, your metabolism decreases exponentially. The end result will be you gaining back all those pounds you lost when you start eating normally again.

Benefits of weight training for females

More lean muscle mass – Muscle takes more calories to maintain than fat, thus, increasing your resting metabolism. Lean muscle tissue is also smaller than fat, which means you will look smaller instead of bigger.

Lose body-fat, look more tone – As you increase your lean muscle tissue, you also lose body-fat and as previously discussed, your muscles will be more toned and you will look shapelier.

Increased health – Weight training helps control your blood pressure, insulin levels, cholesterol and increase heart health as well.

Feel better, look better – The last reason is of course, look better! When you look better, you will gain more self-confidence. Just take a look at actresses like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba who workout. Do they look ‘bulky’ and have no confidence in themselves? Hell no!

Weight training is definitely safe and good for females. The rewards and returns in weight training is amazing and endless! Start to reap the benefits and health rewards of weight training. Maybe you can look as good as Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz with a couple of months of serious training and strict nutrition!

I am sure that you have heard of people flipping houses, but you probably have not heard about too many people purchasing and flipping condos. This is a great way to put some money away for your child’s college education. Well believe it or not many have found this to be a really great way to get started in their real estate venture. First of all everyone knows that condos are a lot cheaper, that houses in just about every state. So if you are working with a limited income this may actually be your best option. Also many people who have gotten into flipping condos have found that they are a lot easier to fix up and update than a house is. First of all you will not have to worry about the outside of the place, since most complexes that have condos also have maintenance crews who take care of everything that needs to be done. Condos like the landmark condo have unique design, amazing amenities and good management. This is the kind of condo that you should look for when investing in a property. It is very essential to carefully consider all the necessary factors.

You will just have to worry about the inside of the condo and what needs to be done. In most cases people who flip condos will have to worry about the following items. They may want to update the appliance packages and change the floors a bit, and of course add a fresh coat of paint. Of course you will obviously not make as much money as you would if you were flipping a house, but in some cases you may find that it is better to start out small and then work your way up a bit. Remember that there are many different ways to make a living when it comes to real-estate, you just have to find out what is going to work best for you and the budget that you have to start out with. To start you will basically need to find a condo that is affordable. Usually this means that it is way below market value because it needs work. Then you will need to make sure that you still get a home inspection done, so than you can figure out exactly how much money you would need to spend on the place in order to make a decent profit. This step is vital if you really want to turn a profit. Remember that you don’t need to make a huge profit. Any profit that is at least over five thousand dollars, would definitely make it worth the effort. Remember that it can be difficult when you are first starting out. That’s why it is always better to start out small rather than devoting all your money and energy to a big project.

As it gets harder and harder for Americans to get quick non-emergency appointments with their doctors, sales of do-it-yourself medical tests are soaring in addition to marketing in the medical spa industry.

The biggest increase has been in kits purchased via the Internet. Just Google “at-home tests” and watch the search results pop onto your monitor.

What exactly can you get these days? And which ones are really safe?

It depends mainly on the type of test and whether you use it as a screening device to see whether you should visit your doctor or to self-diagnose. Many at-home tests can reveal signs that should send you to the phone or help you track your progress in treating a condition. But sometimes they don’t really tell you exactly what the results mean or the action you should take.

According to the Fall 2007 issue of Remedy magazine, here are the most popular do-it-yourself options:


You perform this test by pricking your finger with one of the lancets in the kit. Then you put a few drops of blood on the device and wait a specified time, normally 10 to 15 minutes. You then check your reading against a chart provided to interpret your cholesterol level.

This kit might be helpful for those with a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease or those who just want to make sure they maintain good numbers. It can also assist individuals in trying to lower their numbers via diet and exercise.

However, most do-it-yourself cholesterol tests provide only your total cholesterol. They don’t differentiate between the harmful type (LDL) and the helpful type (HDL). According to Narinder Duggal, M.D., Pharm.D., clinical professor of pharmacy and therapeutics at the University of Washington in Seattle, knowing your full lipid profile is a more helpful way to measure for the risk of heart disease. He says a reading of total cholesterol at less than 200 could mean you experience “a false sense of security.”

Glucose screening:

You put a drop of your blood onto the test card provided. After three minutes, you compare the color of the test area to the color chart in the kit to determine whether your blood sugar level is normal.

These tests are actually designed to individuals who aren’t diabetics but are trying to ascertain their risk of becoming them. Diabetics use actual glucose monitors up to several times a day to test their glucose levels.

A screening kit is a good test for individuals with a family history of diabetes, according to Fiona Gallahue, M.D., a faculty member at New York Methodist Hospital in New York City. However, she points out if you eat before doing the test, your blood sugar level will register too high. Anyone using the test should fast for a minimum of nine hours first.

In addition, manufacturers state results can be off if you’ve experienced a serious health problem or surgery within the prior 90 days of if you’ve suffered from minor illnesses such as the flu or a gastrointestinal virus within 3 weeks.

Menopause Check:

To do this test, you hold the absorbent end of the wand in your first urine of the day for 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the actual kit you purchase. You then put a protective cap over this part of the wand and wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the results.

This type of kit measures the concentration of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in the urine. For women nearing menopause, FSH levels usually remain high during the entire month. Levels in younger women fluctuate throughout their monthly hormonal cycles.

Women who are going through mood changes, decreasing libido, fluctuating menstrual cycles, or insomnia would be likely to purchase of this do-it-yourself kit. So would those with body temperature changes and breast tenderness. All are symptoms of perimenopause, the stage leading to menopause.

The drawback to this test is that it only tells you whether your FSH level is elevated, not where you are regarding menopause or perimenopause. One reading might not reveal very much since levels fluctuate during the day. And it won’t tell you whether you need treatment for any of your symptoms. Results can also be suspect if you’ve taken birth control pills within the prior six months.

Colorectal screening:

After a bowel movement, you toss a test pad into the commode and wait according to the instructions in the kit. A change in pad color indicates blood in the stool.

Dr. Duggal indicates this test might be useful “if you are experiencing changes in your bowel patterns or if you have a history of polyps or colon cancer in your family.” A number of health organizations, including the American Cancer Society, recommend annual colorectal screening tests yearly after age 50.

While these tests are effective at revealing substantial amounts of blood, Dr. Gallahue says, they could miss small amounts. If you experiencing bleeding hemorrhoids of are taking supplements containing iron, you could get a false positive. A positive result merely means that you should see a physician for additional testing.

Blood pressure monitors:

You have a choice of a manual model similar to those in many medical offices or a battery-powered unit with a cuff for your wrist or upper arm.

These units are useful for individuals being treated for hypertension as well as those at risk for it. They provide a quick check on whether lifestyle or medication changes are causing positive results.

However, Dr. Duggal says if you’re either unusually thin or very overweight, readings might not be accurate. Some monitors just don’t function well. To get a consistent result, he suggests using it at the same time each day and to check it against your doctor’s unit during your next visit.

Vaginal infection test:

After insertion, you wait for the indicated amount of time and compare the color of the pH swap or the indicator strip on a wand to a color chart to find out if your pH suggests you might have a bacterial infection. If you do, you will need antibiotics. If, however, you have a yeast infection, you might be able to use an over-the-counter (OTC) product to treat it.

These kits are useful for women with vaginal itching, burning, unusual odor, or a change in the amount or color of vaginal discharge when they’re unaware of what’s causing the symptoms.

Don’t use this test if you’re pregnant or in menopause. Your pH varies during either circumstance. Women prone to recurrent year infections should instead visit a medical provider. If you have a fever and chills on top of the symptoms, you need to be treated quickly.

Urinary track infection (UTI):

To use this kit, you dip a test stick in your urine stream for at least 10 seconds. You then put it on a flat surface and wait two minutes for results to show. By comparing the color chart provided with the results, you can determine if the nitrite, leukocyte, and/or protein levels are normal. Different brands of UTI kits measure different elements.

Women who get frequent UTIs and who experience pain or burning while going to the bathroom or who notice an increase in urgency or frequency might be able to confirm an infection. They should then contact their physicians.

According to Dr. Gallahue, individuals who experience recurrent UTIs could have resistant bacterial and might need to visit a medical provider. She adds that “a negative test shouldn’t be seen as definitive.”

If you decide you need any of these kits, you should follow some precautions before using them. Make sure to store them in a cool, dry place to prevent the chemicals in them from degrading. A bathroom is too humid.

Before making your purchase, check the expiration date to make sure the contents aren’t past their prime. Also make sure to follow the instructions exactly. Varying even a little bit from the recommended procedures can mean an inaccurate result.

When we were kids, my brother and I were messing around and he shot an air gun in my ear. I couldn’t hear out of it for a couple of days and then my hearing came back. But, along with my hearing, a high pitched “whine” was also in my ear. Over time, the whine would sometimes be a buzz or roar depending on the day. At night, I remember my mom raising heck with me for listening to the radio when I went to bed. I would turn the radio on low and put it next to my right ear. 

Why? To cover the noise of the whining so I could get to sleep. To this day, I cannot sleep without something making a little noise. What is this culprit that plays heck with my ear? It’s called tinnitus. In Latin, the word tinnitus means “tinkling of the bell”. If you are facing such issues, then these Sonus complete reviews will help you learn more about the medical problem you have and how you can control it. 

This is my tinnitus story. It’s how I have attempted to manage it through the years with alternative methods. Like playing the radio to get to sleep, I have tried to “trick” my mind about my ears. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But using alternative methods has helped me keep my sanity and hangup on tinnitus when the roar was deafening.

Some causes and triggers of tinnitus.

Like my own experience, some tinnitus is caused by a sudden burst of loud noise or prolonged exposure to loud noises over time.

Tinnitus can be triggered by an infection of the inner ear. Or a brain tumor. Brain tumors are the cause in less than 1% of cases of tinnitus. It is wise to consult a doctor to rule out infection or tumor.

Excessive use of aspirin or any of the ~mycin antibiotics can cause tinnitus. Even aspirin-like herbs like willow bark, wintergreen, and meadowsweet can make the noise louder.

Caffeine, salt without drinking enough water, sugar, and alcohol are just a few things that can cause or worsen your tinnitus.

Ways to hangup on the ringing in your ear.

B vitamins. I take a B-Complex and occasionally I take extra thiamin, niacin, and B12. Most alternative doctors I’ve read say to take a good, high potency B-Complex supplement that supplies 50 milligrams of most of the B vitamins.

I take at least 400 milligrams of magnesium a day. Green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans are great foods that are packed with magnesium. (Caution: Talk to your doctor before using magnesium supplements if you have heart or kidney problems.)

Zinc is found in high concentrations in the eyes and ears. If you are low on zinc, some doctors believe that it causes ear problems like tinnitus. Take no more than 15 milligrams of zinc a day unless under the supervision of a doctor.

I have had great success with messaging my ears. I believe it must increase the blood flow to my inner ear and it seems to hang up on my ringing ears!

I almost always reach for the garlic and for grapeseed whenever I have a problem with my ears. No matter if its tinnitus or an earache from some other reason. And so far, they have both helped more than I can say.

The ringing in your ears from tinnitus is a nerve-racking condition. But I have found some real relief in the above mentioned alternative methods. This is how I hang up on my ringing ears. I hope you can hang up on your tinnitus as well.

Skin cleansers are becoming more frightening every time I look at them that is why I switched to Coolsculpting for my skincare and weight loss management. The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively. While researching for my own recipes for natural skin cleansers I took note of the large array of chemicals loaded into some commercially made products. A quick check of my bathroom cabinet revealed that my one cleanser which claims to restore the natural balance in the skin contains 30 ingredients including known carcinogens. Apart from dangerous chemicals, there are also some that will strip away every protective mechanism the skin possesses leading to dehydration and loss of the natural balance of skin flora. My own fault really for shopping without my reading glasses; the list of ingredients on tubes are printed in extremely small letters for many items now.

Body soap is not much better at preserving the natural balance in the skin. When the natural oils are removed from the skin the pH is disrupted along with friendly bacteria and our defense against invading infectious agents is compromised. Dehydration alone is a problem for the skin and causes other disorders. Contact dermatitis caused by chemical additives, especially chemical detergents that alter the original soap recipes, is very common. The main ingredient in all soaps is the lye, made from either sodium or potassium hydroxide and fats, which produces that soapy feel and lather. Some soap includes additional oily ingredients to lessen the drying effects of the lye but they are not 100% effective in preventing dehydration or skin sensitization.

Soaps made with natural ingredients like oatmeal, plant-derived glycerin and plant oils contain humectant properties that allow the skin to attract moisture from the air thereby protecting against further dehydration. However the fact that the lye is always present means that the skin’s natural oils in sebum are stripped away and the natural balance is disrupted. Sebum contains medium-chain fatty acids that are broken down into free fatty acids on the skin surface by normal skin bacteria. These free fatty acids have antimicrobial functions to inhibit harmful bacteria and maintain the correct pH of around 5. By removing the sebum completely we are lowering the natural defense mechanisms in the skin in addition to dehydrating it.

Soap lye can be substituted with sorbitol based cleansing products like Sorbolene but one ingredient, paraffin, is manufactured from petroleum. While in some preparations the paraffin is omitted, other harmful or unnatural ingredients are usually added such as PEG or EDTA.

The base chemicals in even the best soaps are still harsh and dehydrating but it seems we can’t get a skin cleanser without them, especially not from the large cosmetics companies who can most afford to manufacture one using the best and most natural ingredients. Read analysis and review of a skin cleansing product from Estee Lauder that raises more questions about skincare ingredients of which the public should become more aware.

Cupcakes have really become the thing here lately. I have a friend who just opened her own cupcake business and she is doing really well. There are some things you should do to ensure that your cupcake business gets up and running. Below are five tips for starting your cupcake business.

Tip #1 – Advertise Your Grand Opening

The first tip is to advertise your grand opening. You can advertise your grand opening in your local paper or circular. Go all out and get a large ad. You can also create flyers and postcards to hand out to advertise your grand opening.

Tip #2 – Offer Sample Cupcakes

At your grand opening, you should really offer sample cupcakes. You can by the mini cupcake pans which are the size of a bite. Then use those pans to bake about 5 – 10 different flavors of cupcakes you will be offering at your store. It will cost a little bit of money to do this, but it is a great way to allow your potential customers a taste of what they will be getting, and it is also a great way to get them hooked!

Tip #3 – Raffle Off a Basket of Goodies

Another thing you could do on grand opening day is raffle off a basket of goodies. You could create a basket of different flavored cupcakes and sell the raffle tickets for a dollar. Then you could do the drawing right before closing.

Tip #4 – Offer Discount Coupons

You can also offer discount coupons for the cupcakes in your store. For example, you can make coupons that gives the people 10% off a purchase of $10 or more. You could also create coupons that allows the people a free cupcake of their choice for every dozen they purchase. With people on a budget these days, this is a great way to bring in the business and keep them coming back.

Tip #5 – Create a Mailing List

The last tip is to create a mailing list of your customers. You can make up a sheet that allows the person to fill in their name and email address. Then place the sheets by the door and the checkout counter. Ask them to fill in their information so you can keep them up to date on what is going on. You can send out newsletters with upcoming specials, new flavors you are coming out with, and you can also have drawings with people who are on the mailing list and give them free cupcakes or a half of dozen free cupcakes. To easily do this, you might need a CRM software. What is CRM? Basically, it is the part of your business responsible in communicating with your customers about their concerns, questions and other things they need. By having a software, you can easily manage the list of your customers and you can easily contact them.

There are many ways to promote your cupcake business. You really need to provide some freebies and incentives to keep the customers coming in and give them a taste of what you have. That will keep them coming back for more. That will also allow them to taste what you have and spread by word of mouth how good your cupcakes are.

The word spa was derived from the name of the famous mineral springs in Spa, Belgium. Today it’s a term that has been widely used to denote any kind of rejuvenating experience to ones body and mind using therapeutic oils, shower, steam etc. When the life is becoming more and more crammed by work pressure, tension and stress, our body demands nurturing and pampering experience at least once in a month. Here the treatments offered by resorts and beauty spa emerge as an important part in your life providing a stress free life and stimulating the activity of your brain. Now you can enjoy a spa inspired experience at home including aromatic oils and flower waters in your bath, massage and inhaling them through the steam. Before getting ready for an aromatic experience an introduction to aromatherapy and its effects in emotional and physical life will do.

Aroma therapy as defined by its experts is the holistic method of using exclusive plant oils, including essential oils for psychological and physical comfort. The pure essence of plants provides both psychological and physical well-being when applied properly. There are over eighty essential oils that have been used in aroma therapy, say established masseurs. Like essential oils absolutes or highly aromatic liquids extracted from plants are also important ingredients in Aroma Therapy. Liquid carbon dioxide and floral or distillate water called hydrosols are used in Aroma Therapy. Perfume oils or fragrances are not essential oils. Perfume oils contain unnatural elements and will not have any therapeutic effect on ones mind and physique. Both the aroma and naturally occurring chemicals of essential oils, when inhaled into lungs trigger the action of brain and provide physical well being. Oils applied on skin are absorbed to one’s bloodstreams and helps improve one’s health, beauty and hygiene. Pure vegetable oils like almond oil and grape seed oil are mixed up to the essential oils to dilute them before applying over the skin.

A perfect blend of essential oils diluted with vegetable oils works as a good anti-aging treatment, against acne, depression and mental strain. Before going for an aromatic massage or treatment familiarize with the side effects and contradictions of different essential oils that come in the therapy. Here are some commonly and widely used recipes for aroma therapy massage.

The original Jasmine essential will be deep Brown with a Golden Tinge. This will be used in Aroma Therapy to curb depression, dry skin, exhaustion, labor pains and sensitive skin. Take 1 drop of jasmine oil in a sauce bowl. Add five drops of light Yellow Green coloured lime oil to jasmine oil. The next ingredient in the recipe should be three drops of orange oil. Lastly, add cinnamon oil that is golden yellow in colour a drop to the blend. Boil some water in a big bowl. Mix up the blend with the water. The steam that comes out of the bowl will be diffused in the room or bathroom where one is going to be for the massage. The oil blend is thus inhaled by you through the steam. This particular blend of oils is thus known as a diffuser. Trusted Medical Spa serving Anderson, SC will provide steam treatment for the benefit of the patients. The sensitive skin will cause more labor and muscular pain. The services of professional should be hired through the person. There will be offering of suggestions for homemade treatments to get relief in pain. 

Take two ounces of almond oil. Add twenty drops of lavender oil to it. Mix it up carefully and add a quarter ounce of the blend to your bathing water. Bathing with essential oils is an easy way of experiencing the effects of aroma therapy. Aromatic baths result in stress free life, help curb anxiety, cure muscle pains, or compliment your sensual evenings.

Aromatic massages are both physically and emotionally beneficial to one’s body. To enhance the experience you get from a qualified masseur’s touch always use the essential oils blend in your massage. You can always select a blend of oils that perfectly suits your skin and emotions. A blend made of Sandlewood oil, Rose oil and lemon oil is perfect for an aromatic massage. Sandlewood oil is rich with its aroma and also good to treat skin and beauty problems and mental stress. A mix of lavender oil, rosewood oil and lime oil is also a great blend for an exotic massage.

Aroma therapy is an alternative therapeutic practice for attaining emotional balance and developing positive outlook in one’s life. Essential oils, if not used carefully may cause serious problems in ones life. Always avoid oils with the aroma that you don’t like and which bring forth negative effects. Always remember that oils that contain artificial ingredients do not make any positive effect in your life. So one should always be careful while choosing therapeutic oils. Not all vegetable oils are good carrier oils. If chosen a wrong vegetable oil as carrier oil, it may cause hazardous effects to your body and mind. Some of the hazardous oil types are mustard oil, onion oil, almond oil-bitter, garlic oil etc. Before selecting the carrier oil its always better to go for the advice of a good masseur.

Now choose a calm and tranquil space which is perfect for a massage or bath. Light aromatic candles around. Play a beautiful music which sooths your mind and get ready for a revitalizing spa experience through aroma therapy.

Law of Attraction has been a subject many people have been using since the highly acclaimed best seller The Secret published in November, 2007, a self-help best seller that has more than 5.25 million copies in print and a very successful film produced based on the book.

The Law of Attraction can be used to attract the things you want into your life, to increase your paycheck, improve the quality of your life or other areas that you feel need improving by using visualization of receiving that good thing into your life. Positive thinking and being a happy person at it’s best. Some people may feel that this is a lot of false thinking and a waste of energy but research shows that optimism and happiness are good for you and make you more successful.

It also goes to reason that bad things can be brought into your life the same way. How often have you said to yourself “all I need now is ? to really screw up my day” and before that thought was clear from your mind there it was, that bad thing!

Having been on the receiving end for both of these situations I must say that the positive good side is more pleasant. How have you used your personal “Law of Attraction”?

Here are some of the guidelines that I have used successfully to stay positive and we all know that that is not always easy. First become completely aware of what I want. Note I said what I want, not what I wish I had. Next I write it down more than once, whenever my mind drifts to that thing that I want I write it down. Sometimes after having written it down several times I have become aware that I really didn’t want that thing, it was just a good idea. After I lived with that desire for awhile then I start to think about how it will feel when I have it, start to smell it (I know how can you smell a car?).

My next step is to build my treasure map. What you say is a treasure map? While building your desire in your mind collect all the pictures of that item or person or whatever you can get your hands on. On a large sheet of poster board attach all of these pictures and any other items that may reflect the good you are attracting.

Put your treasure map someplace you will see it every day, several times a day. Add to it or delete items as needed. Make it colorful it’s yours. Have fun with your desire.

The map is quite delicate and contains important information for your own benefits so never lose or misplace it in any manner and by making it colorful, you are completely following through on your strong desire like say a manifestation magic program where you have to see your dreams materializing into reality.

Using this method to attract my strongest desires has brought me a brand new car, right down to the color I wanted. A new love partner, a new home, and peace.

When you are open and receptive to experiences and see things in a positive light you open yourself up to all kinds of opportunities. Focus on the good instead of the bad and be grateful for things that happen.

The Law of Attraction can help you easily create the lifestyle you desire.

We know that hemp seeds come from the cannabis sativa plant but unlike Marijuana, hemp seeds don’t really contain any chemicals that can result to mind-altering side effects. For recreational Marijuana users, this may not be something that attracts them but for people who are looking to CBD for its health benefits, hemp seeds are most certainly something that is worth learning about. Read on to know how hemp seeds can contribute to your overall health when you apply it to your daily diet. 

  1. Hemp Seeds Are High In Proteins

People say that hemp seeds contain almost as much protein as soybeans. You can expect that in every three tablespoons or 30 grams of seeds, hemp seeds have approximately 9.46 grams of protein. 

Many researchers consider hemp seeds to be a complete source of proteins. What this means is that when you apply this to your daily diet, you are bound to get all the nine essential amino acids that your body needs. 

What are amino acids? These are the building blocks of proteins. What you need to know is that our body cannot produce these amino acids. With that, it is essential to eat food that can provide them. 

  1. They Are Also Rich In Fiber

If you are interested in increasing your fiber intake, you might want to purchase hemp seeds that have their shells or hulls still in tact because this is where most of the fiber in hemp seeds can be found. Eating hemp seeds with the shells still on will help you make the most out of your meals but take note that even without these shells, hemp seeds can still provide you with a decent amount of fiber for your body. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds contain approximately 1.2 grams of fiber. 

In case you still aren’t convinced with the powers of hemp seeds, let me enumerate some of the benefits of consuming enough fiber in a day:

  • Aids you in weight management
  • Promotes better gut
  • Reduce your appetite
  • Stabilize blood sugar levels

  1. Filled With Unsaturated Fats

A lot of us try to avoid fatty foods as much as we can but that shouldn’t be the case with unsaturated fats. These days, the benefits of unsaturated fats are becoming more and more imminent. As far as unsaturated fats go, know that hemp seeds are a great source of this nutrient. Just like amino acids, our human body also cannot produce fatty acids. With that, it is most essential for us to select a diet that can provide us with this ingredient. 

Eating food with unsaturated fats such as hemp seeds is important for us to improve our long-term health. 

Omega oil is one of the most beneficial fatty acids that we need in our body. Some of the most well-known omega oil is omega 6 ad omega 3.

It’s not that people aren’t consuming omega oil but the issue has more to do about the fact that there is no balance. Many people consume a lot of omega 6 while eating too little of omega 3. By adding hemp seeds to your diet, you will be able to restore this balance. 

  1. Hemp Seeds Protect The Brain

Food Chemistry published a study which found that hemp seeds extract antioxidant substances. There is a huge possibility that these extracts is a result of the seeds’ CBD content. 

That’s not all. There was also a review back from 2018 that CBD seeds have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects on people. Apart from that, this review also found that hemp seeds can regulate the immune system. 

Due to the potential properties of hemp seeds, it can help you with neurological conditions such as:

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Childhood seizure disorders
  1. Improve Skin Conditions

Acne and Atopic Dermatitis are sometimes the result of chronic inflammation. Due to the inflammatory compounds of hemp seeds, this CBD product might just help you heal this skin condition. 

Acne can also be caused by hundreds of other conditions such as omega 3 insufficiency. This is another health condition that hemp seeds can help you with as you may have read in the previous statements in this article. 

  1. Help With Rheumatic Arthritis

This is an autoimmune condition. What makes it worse is that it can cause the immune system to attack its own tissues. With that, you will experience an inflammation in the joints. 

There was a research back in 204 which proved that there are antirheumatic effects found in hemp seeds. 

In 2018, another group of researchers went on to say that there isn’t enough evidence to prove that hemp seeds can in fact cure rheumatic diseases. While this is so, the researchers never disproved the findings of the first group of researchers. They merely wanted to say that more research is needed for this particular aspect of hemp seeds. 

  1. Hemp Seeds Can Improve Your Heart’s Health

The medical community says that omega 3 fatty acids is good for people’s heart. In that case, this is a pretty good reason to start sprinkling some hemp seeds to your meals. Hemp seeds do happen to be a good source of omega 3 oil. 

Apart from that, hemp seeds are also known to have lots of arginine. This is an amino acid that turns into nitric oxide. You need the latter to vein and artery dilation. It will also maintain the elasticity and smoothness of your blood vessel walls.

Pokemon is one of the most popular and fun AR games that you will find out there. For every pokemon lover this an ultimate game that they can surely enjoy. If you are already playing this game for quite a time and want to improve your gaming experience, here are some of the most useful and effective pokemon go tips and tricks provided by

  • One of the most common mistakes that are committed by pokemon go players is to use the incubators that they have incorrectly. As you play the game and visit different poke stops you collect eggs and other gifts. In order to hatch these eggs that give you pokemon, XP, and boost you need to place them in incubators and travel a distance between 2 to 10 Kms. 
  • All the players get an infinite incubator that they can use as they play the game, however, there are chances of obtaining 3X incubators that you can use to hatch that needs you to walk a distance of 10Kms. This is how you can use the limited 3X incubators you get in the game. Besides that, you should also pay attention to events in the games that can also help you with the egg hatching process. 
  • Leveling up your pokemon as soon as you get power candies is quite lucrative, but it is really important to understand that the lower your XP in the game the more candies you need to upgrade your pokemon. This is why it is recommended that you level up your character properly before you start leveling up your pokemon.
    In order to build up your XP you can use luck egg as you play the game actively. Besides that, you should level up base pokemon such as  Ratata and Pidgey with candies. As you actively play the game, try to catch as many pokemon as you can while battling with your friends or GYM trainers to gain even more experience. 
  • As you catch more and more pokemon you will see that one of the best strategies to improve your game is to catch multiple pokemon of same type so that you can use them effectively in GYM battles. As you catch different pokemon, they all get registered in your Pokedex. This is why it is recommended that you catch multiple pokemon so that you can use them effectively in gym battles and pokemon raids.
    Additionally, you should focus on leveling up your fighting pokemon more. That way you will be able to compete in GYM battles more effectively and earn more rewards as well. 
  • In order to level up your pokemon more quickly you can transfer the pokemon you do not need to professor Oak for stardust and candies that you can use to level up your main pokemon. For instance, if you have 10 Pikachu in your bag you can swap some of them in exchange of candies and stardust while leveling up and evolving the rest of them with the candies and stardust. 
  • The luck egg is a really great way through which you can double your XP for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended that you use those lucky eggs wisely. There are certain towns and places that are full of poke stops and centers, you can use your Luck eggs at such places and get the most out of those 30 minutes. 

  • AR mode is quite fun as you play the game, however, you are recommended that you Turn off the AR mode so improve the battery life of your device. Moreover, you will find that it is much easier for you to catch pokemon as you turn off the AR mode as the environment is always the same.
  • Lastly, it is really important that you pay attention to pokemon Gyms as they will help you in earning more coins that you can use in order to buy more stuff and items from the shop. 

In conclusion, these are the top 7 ultimate tips and tricks that you can follow in order to improve your gameplay and to master Pokemon Go.