The dining experience awaiting you in New York has the capability to take you back to old New York, or propel you forward into the contemporary styling of the Upper East Side. Lamb, fish, wine, steaks, sushi, dessert, and even something from the kiddie menu is available in this is city. The city that never sleeps sports as much of a plethora of exotic cuisine as it does euphoric nightlife. In order to experience the city to its fullest, one must indulge in one of New York City’s most reputable assets, its restaurants.

Dining in New York City

French Cuisine, Dutch Price

Visit New York’s version of old Paris, as you sip the finest “vino” under rustic yellow lights and authentic wood ceilings. Caramelized onion tart and vegetable puree are menu favorites. Reservations aren’t necessary.

Be Caught. Hottest Sushi/Fish Bars in the City

The spices of Asia meet the freshness of the sea at Bongo, a contemporary sushi and oyster bar located on Tenth Ave. Fifties-inspired architecture suits this sushi-grade hot spot, with an open bar and great martinis.

Dining in New York City

Climb Aboard Le Bateaux

Meant to evoke the nostalgic bateau-mouche rides down the Seine, Bateaux New York takes dining recreation to the next level, much justifying a somewhat upscale cost. Tenderly glazed miso-Chilean sea bass and succulent filet mignon highlight the menu aboard Bateaux New York, yet tourists say the experience is as delicious as the meal. Reservations are required.

Reservation under “Healthy”

Brooklyn’s Imhotep Health and Vegan Restaurant welcomes faraway spices, organic greens and vegan delights in their menu. Reservations are not necessary, and Imhotep has a flaming hot take out service for those on the run.

Dining in New York City

Care to Dip?

Voted most romantic restaurant by a local NY restaurant review guide, Simply Fondue is ideal for an intimate night out. A fondue dinner for two is on the expensive side of moderate, and the martini lounge is always open. Reservations are suggested for this lovebird lagoon; places fill up fast!

Family in Funky Town

Moderately priced, there isn’t another restaurant in Midtown that shouts family as loud as Serendipity 3. From peppermint tea to foot long hot dogs, you’ll find a way to quench whatever you’re craving at Serendipity 3.

When you watch television you get the idea that spring break is all about getting ridiculously drunk and dancing around half naked. In reality, spring break is a time to enjoy your friends and do things that you don’t get to do during your day-to-day life. While drinking can play a part in lowering your inhibitions, there are many other things to do while on your spring break vacation.

Hottest Spring Break ActivitiesBeach Fun  

Going to the beach seems to be a given for many spring breakers. Getting a head start on your summer tan, enjoying the warmth after a cold winter, hanging out with your friends, playing volleyball, dancing and having bonfires are all part of the hottest spring break activities.

Hottest Spring Break ActivitiesRoad Tripping

Piling into the car with your closest friends and good music. Setting out for “parts unknown” wandering as you choose, meeting people along the way and generally having a fun and relaxing time while seeing the sights along the way is also a very popular spring break activity.

Hottest Spring Break ActivitiesCruising

A group cruise is great fun. You and all of your friends take a trip on a luxurious ocean liner and head to a tropical climate for a few days. You will meet other groups of friends and enjoy shipboard activities as well as see new sights wherever you dock.

Whatever you decide to do for spring break, don’t overindulge, don’t drink and drive, and be safe. But most of all, enjoy this time with your friends and have fun.

TV Everywhere could be a big moneymaker for advertisers and networks. Viewers now have the option of watching their favorite shows on TV at home, on their laptop or even on their mobile device at no additional cost, which will change the way TV is purchased from a media standpoint.


Gone are the days when the family would gather in the family room to watch their favorite prime-time TV shows. The VCR dabbled in changing this habit, but the DVR completely mastered this concept. Now viewers have the option of watching their favorite shows on TV at home, on their laptop or even on their mobile device at no additional cost. This concept is known as TV Everywhere.

The growing demand for TV Everywhere has transitioned TV from a platform device to an experience, which is beneficial to both the viewers and advertisers. With TV Everywhere, cable operators are allowing mobile access to customers who pay for TV service, improving customer satisfaction and creating new revenue opportunities. And one of the main perks is that unlike DVR, consumers do not have to plan ahead to use it.


TV Everywhere could be a big moneymaker in the future for advertisers and networks. According to Need-ham & Co’s Laura Martin, TV Everywhere could bring an additional $5.6 billion into the ad market each year. Since commercials will be the same as television, revenues will not be lost from ad skipping if the fast-forward button is disabled. This will also change the way TV is purchased from a media standpoint. Companies will be able to buy packages, which allow them to advertise across multiple platforms, and purchases will be focused more on impressions rather than ratings.


David Verklin, one of the cable industry’s most influential executives, explains in this video why he’s bullish on the future of television, and why the reasons have as much to do with new media as old.

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, service providers will need to produce a consistent viewing experience across multiple devices in order to keep up. How do you think TV Everywhere will influence a shifting approach to advertising?


Escape the hustle and bustle of life in the big city of Chicago with a few quick getaways. Getting out of the city for a few hours can rejuvenate a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Choosing an activity away from downtown Chicago provides visitors with the chance to explore new cities and other points of interest. Check if public transportation is an option, and avoid traffic. Pack a picnic lunch, or research restaurants in the area to grab a quick bite to eat. Create a relaxing activity near Chicago.


Chicago-land Speedway
Visit the Chicago-land Speedway for the chance to feel some speed. Located in Joliet, Illinois, the speedway hosts both NASCAR and Indy car races during the year. Take a tour of Chicago-land Speedway to get a behind-the-scenes view of the track. Jump into the action at Chicago-land Speedway with the Richard Petty Driving Experience. Get behind the wheel of a stock car and see the track like the drivers do. Test your driving skills at the mile-and-a-half track with speeds of up to 160 miles per hour. Make arrangements through the Richard Petty Driving Experience.


Indiana Dunes National Lake-shore
Escape the busyness of Chicago with a trip to Indiana Dunes National Lake-shore. Situated about an hour from downtown Chicago, the dunes offer the perfect afternoon escape. Access the dunes by public transportation using the Chicago South Shore line. Enjoy the beaches of Lake Michigan, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, or swimming during the summer. Try hiking, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing during the winter. Camping facilities are available for an overnight stay on a first-come-first-served basis.


Take a trip to the capital city, Springfield. Jump on the train or make the three-hour drive to Springfield, and enjoy a day full of history. Visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, the Lincoln tomb, the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices, and the Lincoln home. Stop by the Illinois State Capitol or the Executive Mansion while in town. Stay for a summer evening in Springfield, and enjoy the drive-in movie theater or the Muni, an outdoor theater by the lake.