Orlando is a haven for fun family activities. From Disney World to Gatorworld and many things in between, actually there are weeks of activities here.

If you are bringing along children, grandparents and maybe even the cousins, it only makes sense to take advantage of the many Orlando vacation rentals available. You will not pay more for the extra rooms will not have to request adjoining rooms and can even make your own breakfast and dinner to save a few dollars.

One-North Eden will provide the best house to the clients. You can check the reviews of the services to get the best one. The charges for the services are less in comparison to the other companies. You can register at the online site to get the desired results. The advantages are more in comparison to the other site. 

In Orlando, there are actually thousands of vacation rentals to choose from. You can rent a villa, condominium, apartment or house pool. These Orlando vacation rentals are equipped with more than a normal hotel room (some including plasma TVs and hot tubs), but can cost the same or even less than a hotel room in the Orlando area.

Once you find the Orlando villa and settle in for your vacation, it’s time to explore this exciting and filled with activities in the city.

Since Disney is the destination for most visitors to Orlando, you will probably start there. You could spend days exploring the wonders of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot alone. But do not forget to take time to visit two Disney water parks Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.

After you are done with Disney, take a day to enjoy the pool or hot tub at his villa in the Orlando area or spend a day shopping in downtown Disney, which is full of luxury, family and unique shops and fun restaurants. Or head for the old town of Orlando, a shopping area full of outdoor restaurants, amusement parks and more than 75 specialty shops.

Once you are relaxed and ready to resume their activities, consider Universal Studios or head to the Kennedy Space Center, located about 45 minutes from Orlando. There, he will find an astronaut training in space flight simulator, or visit the Hall of Fame Astronaut. If you’re lucky, you may see a space shuttle taking off.

When you’re ready for something a little different, take a rental car from his home in Orlando one day to the Holy Land Experience. Dubbed life, biblical museum that takes you 6000 miles away and 2,000 years back in time to the land of the Bible, “it is sure to be a trip highlight.

The other safe fun trip challenge the mind explore Wonderworks, a / interactive museum installation is called a theme park for the mind. “

Although Orlando is home to many high-energy activities, there are many relaxation options available too. Of course, you can always relax in your vacation rental in Orlando, but you may want to leave one of the more than 100 golf courses in the area or shopping at the mall luxury millennia. Check out Bill Airboat Adventures, where you can take a guided boat tour of the marshes and backwaters of the St. Johns River.

No matter what you choose to do in Orlando and there are many options you will surely enjoy every night retiring to the comfort and coziness of your holiday in the Orlando area.

The glycemic index is a measure of the overall effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. This is important as not all carbohydrates are created equally and when you eat the wrong ones, you will likely hinder you ability to lose weight and may even gain weight as a result. Best Fat Burner For Women Over 50 are different from the regular one. The information is provided before the purchasing of the product. You can research about the benefits of the fat burner at online search engines after attaining the age. The advantages are high when compared to the side-effects. 

The concept of the glycemic index was created in 1980 by Dr. David J. Jenkins and some of his colleges at the University of Toronto as they were studying what the best foods for diabetics were. Basically, if carbohydrate that are ingested by the body break down rapidly during digestion, then they release a lot of glucose into the blood stream. These types of carbohydrates are said to have a high glycemic index. On the other hand, if the carbohydrates that are ingested break down at a slower and more natural pace, releasing glucose on a steady stream, then they are said to have a low glycemic index.

As time went on, every type of food imaginable was assigned a glycemic index number. This number is a rating of between 1 and 100 and the breakdown is as follows:

  • 55 or less = LOW
  • 56-69 = MEDIUM
  • 70 and higher = HIGH

The whole idea behind the glycemic index and weight loss is based on the levels of insulin that is produced by the body when certain foods are eaten. When you eat foods that have a high glycemic index value your body will produce higher amount of insulin as the result of the fast breakdown of the carbohydrates that creates a high level of glucose, which is basically sugar. So, the body has to put out these higher levels of insulin in order to combat the higher levels of blood sugar and the result is a crashing of the blood sugar levels. This makes the body store fat and can actually make you feel hungrier.

One the other side of the fence, if you eat foods that are low in the glycemic index then your body will create less glucose and less insulin as a result. So, your blood sugar levels will be sustained and the end result will be a fuller feeling when you eat and instead of storing the fat given by the carbohydrates, your body will actually burn it off steadily and absorb it slowly over time.

So, if you eat foods that are low on the glycemic index then you will be able to sustain long term weight loss. This is probably why doctors are now recommending a low glycemic diet for obese people as well as those who have diabetes.

Some of the low glycemic foods that can be enjoyed on a low glycemic diet include sweet potatoes, milk, certain fruits, certain veggies, and grains. There is a lot more on the list, but this gives you a starting point.

If you think that a low glycemic diet may be the key to lasting weight loss, you should talk to your personal physician about it and see what they say. While the whole process may have been started to help diabetics be able to enjoy more foods, the end result has been the creation of a way in which people can lose weight simply be altering their eating habits.

Cannabis is a great thing that allows you to have medicinal, as well as therapeutic health benefits. It is appropriate for people to enjoy the quality experience of the use of cannabidiol that is a much healthier option to consume for relieving stress and chronic pain.

The use of CBD has become so common that people are considering to have the quality but failing miserably to get so due to the bogus CBD providers. We got your back and providing with incredible tips that would allow you to narrow down your options. 

Incredible tips for choosing top-notch CBD!

The cannabis plant is the source of many medications & drugs that are really appropriate to improve the chronic as well as severe health conditions. CBD is one of the finest and legal types of drug that is accepted for improving the health conditions in multiple cases where other medications might cause several side effects. 

  • Look for reputable brands:

CBD industry has grown over the period of the last decade due to its miraculous effects on the body and health ailments. It is a considerable thing to approach reputable brands instead of choosing local brands. Not many local brands are reliable as they have poor extraction method and inferior quality hemp. Hemp plant needs to be grown with precision for attaining the potential benefits from it. 

  • Type of CBD:

another thing that can assist you in choosing the quality product is the type of CBD that you are choosing. Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, and others would help in knowing the quality of the CBD that you are choosing for yourself. It would be a better option to choose for the Full spectrum that is presented with most benefits from vitamins to cannabinoids; everything would work to improve the conditions of your body to better health. 

  • Purpose of using CBD:

CBD offers multiple benefits, and its results are evident, which has made the product so popular. Another typical thing that you need to be considered is the purpose of CBD. The use of CBD for chronic pain, whereas the use of CBD for controlling the symptoms of cancer, is a different case. It is a much better option to be considerate of the purpose that allows you to choose the better quality by narrow down your options to choose. 

  • Go through reviews:

reviews are the most important to look into. Reviews allow you to understand the quality, ingredient, extraction method, and many other criteria that unveils how effective would CBD on your body. Instead of checking reviews on the original site, it is a better option to look for CBD brand reviews at cannabis herald, which allows you to have the most accurate details regarding the brand and guide you whether it is considerable or not to get the product for wellness and health. 

  • Method of consumption:

the method of consumption has to do a lot with the working of CBD on your body. You can choose from different methods of consumption from CBD oil, tincture, ointments& creams, CBD vapers, gummies, chocolate, and several other methods that are extremely helpful in improving the health condition. 

  • Don’t fall for the cheap prizes:

last but not least, the thing that you need to look into is not falling for low prices. If you want to have the top-notch quality, you have to pay for the price. It would be really helpful in choosing the right quality CBD products for use. 

Hence, these are some of the important tips to choose for the amazing quality of CBD products.

Plenty of people are there those who love to play role playing games but there is one game called as path of exile which only runs online. Now online support for this game makes sure that you won’t be alone over there. People from real world will be your competition and you it will not be easy to defeat them. You need to do a lot of practice and make sure to upgrade your skills and to do that in lesser time you should buy poe currency.

It can be done by the help of skill tree as over there you will keep check on your skills and which one can be upgraded. As we know that RPG games does not consist of only one skill as you will find out there are plenty of them which is why you need to focus on all of them.

If you are new then in the beginning it might be little bit tough but once you learn to collect currency as well as unique items there will be nothing much left as of competitiveness. You can easily enjoy your gaming right away on your device. It can support various device so it will not going to be any problem for you.

What kind of poe currency you can buy?

Now if we talk about currency of path of exile then there are many among them so in short you should keep one thing in mind that you can buy anything related to this game. Whether it is currency or anything as there is nothing much you need to worry about. The best part of buying them is that it saves time as well as efforts. You do not have to collect currency or any other resources in this game.

Explore the world of wraeclast

In this game there is a world called as wraeclast which is really mysterious and little bit scary as well. You will going to see a lot of scary creatures over there that can easily become your nightmare so be careful while playing it. The environment over there will challenge you from time to time so you have to be very careful at that time.

The style and theme of this game is dark and realistic so that players could enjoy it every time they play this game. Fighting with monsters is the main key to progress in this game so make sure you are working hard for that.

Do not forget to play practice matches

In this game you will get an option of practice matches and you should not forget to go for it. if you are  a beginner then it might be the best option for you to learn different techniques and develop skills in game. Also if you do not want to get defeated in the beginning then it might be helpful for you.

In this way you can easily master the path of exile game without any issue.

Consuming the CBD products obtained from the cannabis plant has become normal in many countries where the trading of cannabis products is legal. Most people like cannabidiol because it does not cause any intoxication in the body and simultaneously have therapeutic advantages. CBD oil is also looked at as one of the healthy dietary sources and can help treat various problems. It comes in many forms. 

Cbd oil has been proved very healthy and successful in treating many serious issues and in curing pains. Nowadays, CBD oil is often used for cooking. Cbd is already infused with edibles like cbd gummies and chocolates. Now the idea of cooking in cbd oil has made people more curious. However, if you start cooking with cbd oil, it is important to keep some rules in mind. You can also check CBD oil here and find the best one that fits in your budget. Throughout the article, you will be covering the tips and rules you need to keep in mind while cooking with the cbd oil. 

Cbd oil from hemp!

The consumption of cbd oil sold in the market is mostly from the hemp plants rather than the cannabis plants. The hemp contains less amount of THC i.e., only 0.3 % as dry weight. This is why it does not cause the feeling of highness in people even after consumption. Thus, it is also seen that people who use hemp cbd oil do not pass the drug test. 

People prefer buying the cbd oil online because locally, they are not sure if they will get the original product or not. There are present online legal suppliers of CBD oil famous for selling the original products to people on time and affordable. Before you buy a product, always consider its pros and cons and make sure you have prescribed advice from your doctor as it may or may not be good for people suffering from problems or heart issues or something alike. 

Cooking with cbd oil

Although CBD oil medical uses involve helping people get relief from anxiety, stress, pain, and cancer, it can also be used for cooking purposes. Beginning with the CBD oil as a cooking medium, this is a complete guide that will help them make a successful beginning keeping all the rules in mind. Since the oil is not addictive, many people are used for cooking in Canada and the UK, where it is legal. You can cook several recipes using cbd oil. These can include: CBD fresh mint Tea, CBD margarita, CBD tea latte, CBD oil Hot chocolate, CBD bliss Balls, CBD chocolate fat bombs, CBD peanut butter cookies, CBD oil pizza, CBD guacamole, CBD infused butter, etc. 

However, you can only cook the above recipes if you know the golden rules of cooking with CBD oil. These rules are:

  • Do not waste the pricey tinctures overcooking
  • Take precautions against heat
  • Always incorporate the use of healthy fats
  • The effects will be seen slowly with the time

Things to keep in mind while using cbd oil for cooking

Although you barely need to consider anything else except the rules, here is some advice that will help your food cooperate with cbd oil and bring out better results with bare minimum efforts.

  1. make use of fat
  2. try to avoid heat
  3. try savory
  4. keep in mind your dose.

After doing proper research, only start with the cooking process. It will help you to notice the results in less time. You can find numerous recipes over the internet to allow cbd oil and fit in the above criteria. 

The side effects

People looking forward to the risk involved in using the cbd oil must know that the consumption of oil is safe for the body. This is because the THC content present in the oil is very low, and therefore it does not cause any adverse effect. Yet, in rare cases, some side effects were seen because different people react differently to the oil. Some of the potential side-effects noticed while consuming cbd oil include:

  • Dry mouth:

it is important to drink plenty of water after eating food cooked in cbd oil. 

  • Drowsiness:

people eating food prepared in the cbd oil are noticed to sleep more.

  • Lightheadedness:

People experiencing this issue should take a coffee or teacup to regulate body blood pressure.

  • Appetite change:

most of the time, it is seen that there is a drop in the appetite of the body after the CBD oil consumption. 

The final words

In the end, it will be appropriately said that cooking with CBD oil requires so many precautions to maintain. You can go through all the tips mentioned above to be followed before making up your mind to use CBD oil as your cooking medium. The appropriate online sites will help you purchase the best quality CBD oil. You can check CBD oil here for more information about cbd in detail. A list of a variety of dishes can be found that can be prepared using this oil. The other benefits of CBD oil are good for health too. It treats several health issues in the body. According to a scientific study made, there are more pros of cannabis supplements than the cons. You can purchase the CBD oil online after reading the feedback of the customers.

Healthy weight loss can be attained easily with full body workout regime. With full body exercises, you can burn the calories that you have consumed and this may help you shed the extra pound quickly. Although going to a gym and performing workouts is good for faster weight loss, but not all people can afford the fancy equipment of gym and cant make out time for a gym in between their hectic working schedule. There are many workouts and exercises that dont require you to go to a gym or have the fancy gym equipment. So, to help those individuals burn calorie and lose weight faster here is the list of Easy Exercises to Do At Home to Lose Weight Fast.

Easy Exercises to Do At Home to Lose Weight Fast and Easy


It is the most basic exercise which you can perform at home by raising and lowering the body with the support of both your arms. You can also perform the triceps push-ups by placing your hands on a floor just underneath your shoulders and hold the body upright straight. Lower your chest gradually towards the floor by bending your elbows and aging push back your body to its actual position. People who find the exercise difficult may place their knees on the floor. Push-ups not only help train your chest muscles, arms, and shoulders but also help you to lose weight quickly at home. You can do exercise and prepare diet for the removal of the fat from the body. The weight loss pills will offer more benefits to the individuals. You will get help in the removal of the weight to have the desired results. 

Lower your chest gradually towards the floor by bending your elbows and aging push back your body to its actual position. People who find the exercise difficult may place their knees on the floor. Push-ups not only help train your chest muscles, arms, and shoulders but also help you to lose weight quickly at home.


Skaters or Leaps are basically leg strengthening workouts and considered to be a great workout for athletes who want to enhance their grace and speed. To perform leaps you are required to get into semi-squat position and then continue jumping sideways and land on your right leg.

You need to repeat the process consistently in opposition direction and land on your left leg. This exercise will strengthen your legs.

Inverted V Pipe Exercise

You need to do this exercise only for 30 seconds daily to lose weight quickly. This is basically a mat exercise for flat abs. You need to lie down on the floor facing downward and then place the toes on a towel so that you can enjoy the smooth movement of a body.

Now place the hands on the floor and balance the body on hands and toes. at this time, try to pull the legs as close as possible to your body to create a V shape. Now push back your legs from your hands simply by stretching the legs in backward position. Continue to push your legs in and out for at least 30 seconds which will make your core, arms and lower back to work.

Superman Exercise

This is one of the power packed and Easy Exercises to Do At Home to Lose Weight Fast. This exercise not only reduces your tummy fat but also works your lower back, abs, and thighs.

To perform the exercise you need to stretch on the floor while keeping the legs and hands straight. Gradually lift your thighs and chest of the floor and balance your body on tummy at the same time. Try to be in a straight position while performing the exercise.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil

One of the best CBD oil for sleep because of its best value is the Cheef Botanicals CBD Oil. This brand is one of the highly trusted brands in the market. They offer high quality and pure CBD in wide variety of forms. Cheef Botanicals focuses on utilizing 100 % organic and non-GMO hemp in order to extract all of the CBD. They also offer all natural CBD oil that has no additives. The brand is known for its top quality products and it has gained lots of positive feedback from customers.

Fab CBD Oil

Another great brand of CBD for sleep is Fab CBD. This brand also offers wide variety of products such as CBD oil. While the company is just a new comer in the market, it was able to gain customers’ trust and loyalty since 2017. Fab CBD aims to provide a fun and unique CBD experience to its customers. One of the best things about this brand is that it offers wide variety of flavors. It is also made from 100% organic hemp that is locally grown in Colorado. 

CBDPure  Oil

If you are looking for a CBD brand that offers the highest guarantee, then CBD Pure Oil is the best option for you. It is considered as a well-respected company in the industry of CBD. While the company doesn’t provide wide variety of flavored oils, it focuses on producing organic and 100 % natural CBD oil. Nother great thing about this company is that they do utilize the C02 extraction process just make sure that the final extract is potent and clean. Hence, making it safe, healthy and most importantly effective when taken by customers. You can also buy their CBD oil in three different strengths: 300 mg, 600 mg, and 1000 mg.

Joy Organics CBD oil

If you are looking for CBD oil products that are THC free, then Joy Organics is the best brand for you. This company focuses on producing the best in the market and they always deliver as promised. They have a quality and accurate process to strictly monitored the production from the beginning to the end. They also utilize the best quality hemp and measures the quality at different stages of the process of extraction. They also have broad-spectrum, THC free CBD oil that is made from a whole plant extract and contains cannabinoids, terpene and others.

NuLeaf Naturals 

Last in our list is the NuLeaf Naturals. It is founded by plant medicine afficionados in the year 2014 and it is considered as one of the pioneers in the industry of CBD in the United States. The company focuses in providing quality, accessible CBD to support people in improving their health and wellness. Some of the best things about this brand include 100 % organic hemp, uses third party testing to ensure safety and effectivity. Offers 5 different potencies and they only use natural ingredients without additives.

Home is one of the most precious assets for everyone. They want to decorate their houses and keep it as organized as possible, but when you have so many things to do regularly, how do you manage to keep a record of all these things? Well, have you tried labeling everything? If you have not, then you are in the right place. This article will give you all the information you need regarding organizing your home using labels. This way, when you are hurried or when you are shifting, you will have no trouble finding and using things. 

Why do you need to label things? 

You can have several reasons to do so. Imagine you are shifting to a new place, naturally, you would label all the things to ensure that things do not get mixed-up. So. when you move to a new location, it can get challenging to keep up with all the changes. In such conditions, you have to ensure that you can organize things as effortlessly as possible. On the other hand, if you have children in your house, then keeping things labeled will assist you. The same applies to all the elderly living in your house. 

What are the tips you need to follow? 

Here are some tips you should consider for labeling and organizing your home: 

  • Keep it simple – these are labels, you do not have to make it intricate. You have to use the item regularly and your kids and parents might use it over and over again. So, make sure it is straightforward. 
  • Try multiplicity – you do not have to use the same type of pattern and design for the entire house. You can use the chalkboard pattern, magnetic labels, etc. 
  • Try custom labels – you can design your label for all that it matters. Besides, it will look more attractive. 

  • Label colors – you can use several types of colors depending on the cabinet, the container, the items within, etc. The design is entirely up to you. So, why worry? 
  • Typography – the goal of labeling items is to find the product immediately. So, why would you want to put a font that is hard to read? Always go for easy-to-read fonts so that no one faces problems in finding the goods. 
  • Organize your labels – one other way to keep your house more intricately organized it by putting more information regarding the contents of the container. 
  • It is not necessary to put the same shape everywhere. You can play around with it. Keep changing the pattern and see what beautiful other shapes you can put. 
  • Follow a color code – when you are labeling the contents of your home, you can color coordinate them. This way, you can make the combination look attractive. 

You can follow all these steps and make your house look beautiful and well-organized. Besides, no matter who visits your place, no one will have any problem managing things. Isn’t it the best? So, give a try at the name labels today! 


What’s the best protein powder? Protein powders are aplenty and it’s as diverse as people’s views about which one is the best. The flavors available resemble the options in an ice cream parlor. The varied sources of protein available reveal the diverse demands of different consumers. This can be very confusing for many. So how do you decide which protein powder is the best one to suit your needs?

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular protein sources and inspect their unique benefits as well as some possible downsides to help you narrow down your choice.



Casein is the main source of protein in milk. It slows the digestion of casein protein when exposed to stomach acid. It’s essential that you consider using casein for muscle recovery post-exercise as it won’t be accessible to your muscle cell for recovery and restoration unlike whey protein. But this slower digestion can have its benefits when used later in the day or to help curb appetite.

Casein protein powders are quite cheap but they’re often processed in ways that decreases their dietary benefits. Casein Hydrolysate or Rennet casein powders have been processed in a manner that retains some of the nutrient density while also making the protein powder more user-friendly.

However, casein may cause irritation in your immune system, boost mucous production and aggravate allergy symptoms.


Just like testosterone boosters, study reveals that whey protein can give better benefits if you’re trying to gain or preserve muscle mass. This protein is packed with the essential amino acid Leucine (a strong muscle builder). Your options in whey protein are whey protein isolates and whole whey proteins.

During processing, isolates have the fats removed from the whey; whole whey still has the fat in the powder. Isolates have greater protein density than whole whey. When you eliminate the fat from the whey though, you lose lipoic acid and phospholipid glutathione (which are essential benefits to your immune system).

Whey isolate has about 2 g – 3 g protein difference from full whey protein. This loss is easy to recompense for in your diet but the immunologic benefits from the fats lost aren’t as easy to recompense for. When processing whey isolates, alkalizing minerals are lost making whey isolate a more acidic food than whole whey.

What’s the ideal whey? It’s whole whey from grass-fed cows that has been cold processed, not heat pasteurized. This provides you the ultimate overall nutrient density.



Hemp is complete with the vital amino acids, making it a great source of plant-based protein. It can be a valuable part of a healthy diet though it’s efficiency in gaining muscle is low. Hemp seeds are great sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene, calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, phytosterols, potassium, riboflavin and thiamine.

People that experience some GI (gastrointestinal) pain with soy and dairy find a welcome relief when they shift to hemp. The plant proteins are very easy on your GI system.


Soy proteins take the lead for vegetarian non-dairy protein powders for quite some time. It’s whole source of protein that’s packed with all the important amino acids. Soy also offers your body isoflavones (provides defence against cancer and cardiovascular illness).

Go for whole organic non-GMO (GMO – genetically modified organisms) soy protein powder. Soy protein isolates don’t have the same health benefits and should be avoided. While non-organic soy is high in pesticide deposit.

Keep in mind that isoflavones are phytoestrogens which can impede with your body’s hormone balance can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels. So be careful of the amount and type of soy you consume. If your diet contains whole soy foods, another protein powder would be the best option for you.


This is an awesome vegan source of protein and another alternative for those who don’t want dairy and can’t digest soy. It’s also easy to digest and gluten-free making it a great option for people with food sensitivities. Pea protein is made from yellow peas. It’s a complete protein but lacks cysteine (an amino acid), which is why it shouldn’t be your main source of protein.

If you’re using pea protein as your primary source, try mixing it with another protein powder to give you ample amino acids.

Brown Rice

Brown rice protein powders are another vegan substitute. This type digests and absorbs well, is gluten-free and most of all inexpensive which makes it another great choice for those with food sensitivities. But, it’s low in lysine (another amino acid). Combining brown rice protein powder with another will cover that deficit.

Each of these protein sources have their own distinct benefits. Try them out to know which protein powder works best for you.

Often when individuals or businesses talk about social media they look more at the end goal or the technology that is involved than they do examining themselves. When I sit down with a client I always make sure that they have a couple of bases covered before we even begin to put a larger plan in place.

Before I look at those bases I just want to explain my philosophy a little bit. I believe that SEO, SEM, and SMO all are intertwined and go hand in hand with each other. Personally I don’t like separating them into different buckets or even having different companies handle these different disciplines. If you are a self proclaimed “social media expert” you really need to have more than a passing understanding of SEO and SEM.

Some small steps are taken through the business people to buy the views and followers. 10 of the Most Liked TikTok Videos You Have to Watch are provided at the social platform. The real and correct information is provided to the business people to upload the videos at the platform.

Here are some of the initial bases I cover with a client:

1) Does their website have basic SEO in place?

You would be surprised at how many small to medium sized businesses I have met with that don’t even have the meta description filled out. So when you Google their company name a URL comes up with no other information.

So even if people know about your company and are looking for it by not doing basic SEO you make it harder to find your website. The impacts of basic, I am not even talking about advanced, SEO practices can have a profound impact on your website and traffic. It is frustrating to me to see people missing out on such a low hanging fruit.

Having an understanding of the keywords you use for the site and what you want to target also helps with the targeting of a social media strategy.

2) Are they monitoring the conversation around their products and company?

At the very least I hope that the company is using Google Alerts to monitor their brand or products online. It is surprising to see how many aren’t doing anything or how many people just don’t think there is a lot of conversation online around their product. Just showing them a twitter search or a blog search usually blows their mind.

3) Is the name of the company protected on social media sites?

This is something I normally expect not to be done. If people don’t have an internet marketing strategy I don’t expect them to have protected their company or product names online. But in order to prevent their brand from being hijacked, misrepresented, or the name held by another company this is one of the first things that I recommend they do before moving forward.

In my opinion these are three of the most basic things that companies need to do before they begin to wade into the social media waters. If you don’t have your house in order and built on a strong foundation you can’t build on top of that.