Most Western astrologers learn astrology by reading a few books and studying the charts of family, friends and famous people. It is not so easy when learning Vedic astrology. Every Vedic astrologer that I have spoken to is quite clear that at some point one must find a teacher. Vedic astrology is just too complex to learn through books. There are so many different calculations to consider when doing a Vedic analysis – the rashi chart (natal chart), the navamsha chart (spouse), 14 other divisional charts, the lords of the houses, the tenants of the houses, aspects to the houses, the current dasa, the karakas, different strength indicators like shad bala and ashtakavarga, the list goes on.

 There has been a ground swell of interest in Vedic astrology by Western astrologers. I can well understand the excitement. Vedic astrology¬ís palette of techniques is so precise and extensive that it makes western astrology look like watercolors done with broad brush. Thankfully much of what one learns in Western astrology about signs, houses, rulerships, transits, solar returns, and composite charts is vaguely transferable in the same way that it is easier to learn Italian if you know Spanish. But there are also lots of new words and concepts to learn.

Parashara’s Light has the best tutorial I have seen in any astrology program. It actually tells you about your own chart as it teaches you Vedic concepts. Parashara’s Light is the granddaddy of all Vedic astrology programs. The developers of Parashara’s Light have been adding features to the program and refining its user interface for ten years. It is no wonder that it also has more features than any other Vedic program.

Its chief programmer told me a while back that he just rewrote the internal routines to make the whole program more modular. He claimed the result would be a dramatic acceleration in how quickly he could add new features. The latest version of Parashara’s Light substantially proves his point. It now has:

• hundreds of graphs, tables, and charts that can be dropped into worksheet slots,

• large screen support and much, much more. There is no astrology program, Vedic or Western, that makes it so easy to completely personalize the screen to your style of doing astrology. Just like, this software is very easy to use. It is all done with a few clicks and checking items off a list. We have over 50 pages of screen shots of new features in Parashara’s Light version 6. Kala – Parashara’s Light users will immediately notice a familial resemblance in the worksheet concept. They will also find a few features that may make them consider owning two Vedic software programs. Käla is the only Vedic program that gives contemporary interpretations of planetary yogas.

Every other program quotes the classical texts which, though sacred, give such exaggerated delineations that one is often left scrambling to find the canceling yogas in the chart. Ernst Wilhelm, the program designer, has written several books on Vedic that deftly describe the subtle inner realities to Vedic entities and yogas. These are presented in the natal reports and the compatibility report. The compatibility report is especially well written, both as clear astrological delineation and as beautifully written prose.

Käla’s program designer is the only ACVA tutor who has produced instructional video tapes. We’ve decided to offer them here for people who don’t have a teacher in their area. There is nothing program-specific about these tapes so they are equally recommended for Parashara’s Light users. I strongly recommend that you get the starter set if you are new to Vedic astrology.

In the developing era of technology, it is important to deal with business bookkeeping to provide transparency to your customers. Managing your bookkeeping and keeping every damn record is essential. Dealing with audits is a stressful job to perform as valuable information can be gained financial exercises. 

Asking for professional assistance for audits involves high charges so small enterprise don’t really consider auditors for bookkeeping try to deal with bookkeeping on their own. However, there are primary reasons that share why should you consider professionals for audits. 

What is an audit? 

Before we dig deep into why do we require professionals for bookkeeping; it is essential to learn what is audit and how does it affect your business. An audit is an independent examination of a company’s financial statements. Financial stakeholders of a company get assurance with audits stating no material errors. 

There are certain types of audits that provide assurance that audits are practised as intended by the company’s policies and procedures that turned out a medium of assurance for financial stakeholders. Regular audits done for the company can help the company’s find their loopholes and working on the regular to strengthen and grow business. 

The requirement of professional audits for small businesses!

You must have heard about small businesses falling out on understanding financial positions. Not conducting regular audits would result in loss of improved interest rates, protection from legal liabilities and access to more capital. Hence if you are not willing to fall out on all these benefits of audits then consider practising it more often. It is convenient for people to hire professionals only for the job instead of picking out random auditors who are not familiar with the latest financial updates regarding small as well as huge enterprises. 

However, to avoid small businesses falling out on such benefits, several industries have made compulsory so small businesses are required as well to go undergo internal and external audit Singapore as well as across the globe. By hiring the professional auditors for small businesses entrepreneur would be benefitted in several arenas from making company’s data look promising for the financial stakeholders and get business loans and other benefits easily. 

You can cater your choices among different agencies as well that provide auditing services for a variety of industries and make a suitable choice for your business. Transparency is a must in every business operating any level so audit services that look into audits and provide the clear idea for improving the confidence of your investors, customers along with business partners should be only considered. 

Wrapping up

Let us wrap this up as we have looked into different aspects of how you can improve your company’s image with audits before financial stakeholders of your business. It is actually great for people dealing with small business better and making the business grow and expand over time. It is necessary to hire professional auditors who are familiar to different financial obligations regarding your business arena and helping you to get out of different adverse situations. Lastly, picking up auditors for business is going to turn out really impactful as you would be benefitted with improved interest rates and many more. 

Most parents dread taking their child to the dentist as much as the child dreads going. Most children really dislike going to the dentist, and who can blame them. For the most part it’s extremely uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. Many young children will kick and scream and fight to the finish. That’s when the pediatric dentist becomes necessary. The offices are more geared toward children, and they still employ the good, old-fashioned, nitrous oxide or laughing gas. In La Crosse and the surrounding area there are three pediatric dentists.

The Gundersen Lutheran Clinic at 1900 South Avenue employs Dr. Michael Funk. Since this is a clinic there are other dental specialties available, such as orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics. They start scheduling appointments at 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. He shares a waiting room with the orthodontic department, so the waiting room itself is not only children, but there is a special play area for the very young. In the back, all the children are together while their teeth are cleaned which allows the children to relax. The payment arrangements are made through the clinic. More information is available at

A couple of miles north at 615 10th Street South is Dr. John Shea at Childrens Dental Excellence. Other specialties offered are preventive, restorative, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. Emergency care and hospital services are also provided. On Mondays, he is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, he is available from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. His website can be viewed at

They are some of the best dentists that you can find for children that know their job perfectly well without compromising on their ideals apart from some excellent achievements that you can see by clicking on their website that would give an insight into the dentist Orlando in Florida.

Closer to I-90 in the town of Onalaska is Dr. Tim Flood at Pediatric Dentistry of Onalaska at 801 Critter Court. His hours are Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Fridays are reserved for hospital services. He stresses watching what our children drink to avoid extra sugar. His office is very child friendly with colorful murals on the walls, and a special play area. More information is available at mode;=a ddhead;=42.

Pediatric dentists can really take away much of the stress from the parent and the child. Your child will greatly appreciate your choice to see the pediatric dentist whether you decide on Dr. Funk, Dr. Shea, or Dr. Flood because they will feel more comfortable and at ease. It will greatly reduce their anxiety about dental visits for years to come.

Adventure is the thing that enables the people to explore the world and visit numerous destinations to cherish you. People nowadays prefer to explore various destinations that are far away from their residence. Some several wanderlusts and beginners are willing to explore the world, but they are unaware of the specific factors they need to notice.

The beginners usually make many mistakes while planning the trip, whereas some of them are unable to figure out the specifications that need to be considered while traveling. As a suggestion, you can prefer visiting the museums in Atlanta and observe the unseen things.

Moreover, there are several more things that you need to keep in your notice while planning the whole traveling package and list. To unveil these things, you need to check out the points mentioned below to acquire more knowledge about it. So let’s do not invest furthermore time and check out the points mentioned below:-

Things to consider while planning the trip:-

  • Pick up your destination:

You need to pick your destination to pack up the things according to weight as numerous destinations are required several clothes and multiple more accessories. It would help if you packed your backpack according to the weather at that respective place, and it will be helpful for you to get some suggestions with your dear ones so that you can get help. 

Although we all are aware that picking up a destination is easy, packing the valuable things can be confusing. But while picking up the destination, you need to prioritize your preferences as people usually prefer visiting the place where extreme cold and snowfall take place. On the other hand, several people prefer visiting beaches and desert areas to experience more thrill.

  • Plan of the duration of your trip:

While picking out the destination, you need to plan out the duration of your trip. Planning out the duration can help you in several ways. First of all, you will pack your clothes accordingly. Another one is you will be capable of managing your work-life schedule and normal life schedule simultaneously. 

It will be helpful for you to visit at the respective place during their ideal season as this is the season that will boost your experience, and you will be unable to make memories to remember.

The peroration

Now we’re here along with the closure that States the frequent travelers and beginners should prioritize the points mentioned above. These things will enable them to gain sufficient knowledge about the particular place where they’re going to visit and back the belongings accordingly. The beginners should prioritize the points mentioned above as they will be capable of knowing more about the place where they are going to visit. This is how they can plan out the whole scenario, and it will be helpful for them to prefer visiting their particular place during their famous season and festivals. Such things will enable them to explore more about specific places while making memories to remember.

Week 7 of the Biggest Loser was another emotional, drama-filled episode, as the Black Team faced off the giants that are the Blue Team. After the Blue Team released Jackie last week, the show kicked off week 7 with Dan’s trust issues and his feelings of being on the chopping block. After a long talk with Bob, he opened up to his teammates about how he really felt about his mom going home last week. The only question is, was he really being honest or just trying to keep his bed at the ranch?

After losing thirteen pounds in week 6, Bernie was awarded the Biggest Loser of the Week prize. He had the choice of choosing from “family”, “luxury”, or “game-play.” Of course, at this stage of the game it would only be fitting for Bernie to choose game-play, which he ended up doing. His award for the week was 50% off at the weekly challenge.

At the weekly challenge, the teams were to hold up, while on a balancing beam suspended above water, the combined weights of their own personal weight loss and that of another teammate’s. Mark and Dan were paired up for the heaviest weight at 135 pounds, while Bernie and Brittany only had to hold up a measly 60-something pounds. The Blue Team also had one more team which consisted of Roger and Jay, while the Black Team had an additional pairing with Paul and Maggie. The Black Team staved off the blue team to win this weekly challenge, for the second week in a row, giving the Black Team the decision to grant a Blue Team member and Black Team member immunity. Some challenges are faced through the people when decide to reduce the weight. For the process, the consumption of calories should be reduced and eating of the healthy diet with resurge pills should be started. It will enhance the immunity power of the people. The results are obtained as per the specifications of the people.

The day after the weekly challenge, Jillian invited her mother, who is also a psychotherapist, to the ranch to talk to each of her team members. Her mother was able to help the Black Team cope with why they have weight issues. It also appeared that she just offered her ear to the Black Team members to vent. It was one of the most heartwarming moments of this season for sure. Meanwhile, Bob took his “man-sized” Blue Team for a little hike, after a disappointing failure to win the challenge. Bob was able to give his team more confidence in themselves and trying to reassure them they would be victorious at the weigh in.

The weigh-in was a very suspenseful moment, even more so than other weeks. First the Black Team weighed in. Kelly was the first contestant to weigh-in. She dropped a phenomenal 7 lbs this week, followed by Paul’s 10 pounds. Up next was Bernie, who was a little nervous about this weigh-in after his big numbers just a week ago. Bernie was able to pull 8 pounds this week. By this point, it seemed clear the Black Team was going to be a victorious David against the team of Goliath’s. But when the two remaining players, Brittany and Maggie, only managed to pull 3 pounds between them, it seemed the Black Team was doomed to the elimination room. The team only lost a total of 28 pounds for a percentage of weight loss of 2.54%.

When it came time for the Blue Team to weigh-in, it was almost a certainty that they would send another Black Team member packing. Dan started the weigh-in with a weight loss of 7 pounds, followed by Roger who lost a total of 9 pounds. Up next was Trent and with his size he should be dropping pounds like flies. Trent lost 8 pounds followed by Mark who lost 6 pounds this week. All Mark’s brother, Jay, had to do was lose 5 pounds which seemed like he would have an easy time doing. After the suspenseful commercial break, Jay was not able to bring the Blue Team from behind with only losing 4 pounds, bringing the team’s total pounds of weight loss to 34 pounds. The Blue Team lost the weigh-in with a total percentage of weight loss of 2.48%.

Thanks to the Black Team’s victory at the weekly challenge, Jay was awarded immunity. Roger was also granted immunity for being the Biggest Loser on the Blue Team. When it came down to deliberate who to send home, Trent expressed his willingness to go home and be with his wife and new son. He stated he wanted to lose weight and he felt he was strong enough to lose it at home and the money did not mean as much to him as the rest of the Blue Team. After last week’s shocking betrayal of trust, it seemed there could have been another trust issue brewing. Fortunately for Dan, the team voted and granted Trent his wishes to be eliminated from the game.

Once home, Trent continued his weight loss journey. Since he arrived at the Biggest Loser Campus, Trent has shed 112 lbs off of his 436 pound starting weight.

You can catch all new episodes of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights at 8 easter / 7 centeral only on NBC.

The Bellamy Brother’s who have been together as a group since 1968 admittedly was not exactly a hit right out of the shoot. The first band they formed was known as Jericho which played in clubs and bars. It wasn’t until 1975 when they signed with curb records when their music was accepted by a larger audience, and they became known as The Bellamy Brother’s. The first single which was by the baby brother David wasn’t the hit they were looking for. 

Someone suggested “Let your love flow,” and the rest they say is history. Even if you don’t know the Bellamy Brother’s by sight or name, chances are you know one or more of their songs and you like it. Anyone who knows me knows I love my Bellamy Brother’s. I know their music and choosing only ten of my very favorites was somewhat a daunting task but with the help from gudanglagu, we are here with the top 10 songs.

With 29 studio albums, one live album, and seventy singles here is my list of the 10 very best Bellamy Brother’s songs that every country music fan must-have. Number one on my list would have to be “Crazy from the heart.” A truly classic love song that even when I am alone I jam like no other. A good one to look goofy to singing alone in your car. “Crazy from the heart,” from the album of the same name was released in 1987 and was on the Billboard charts topping at number three.

Number two on my list is going to be “World’s greatest lover,” this one was released in 1984 on the Restless album. Although it only topped the Billboard Country charts at number 6 it is one loved the world over by millions of people. This is a good one to have for those special nights alone with your loved one. Number three would have to be “You’re my favorite star,” this one was released strictly as a single until the 25-year collection which was released in 2001. This is just a fun little song that you can dance to or sing along with your friends.

The fourth in my top ten picks would have to be “Vertical Expression,” this is a fun little song. Another to help insight a good kind of evening. Okay so it isn’t Barry Manilow or anything, it’s even better. “Kids of the Baby Boom” is one of those songs that just might give you a little insight into your parent’s childhood. Yes, they were children once, although you may never think they were, they were. They had the things they grew up with, just like you did and now you will learn about it. It is better than a history lesson any day. “Old Hippie” is another of those songs that may help you to understand your parents just a little better. They sing about going to Vietnam, and about how things have changed since that time. It is another great dance song.

For my number seven pick, it would very much have to be when the Bellamy Brothers teamed up with the Forrester Sisters for the hit “Too Much is Not Enough.” Who doesn’t love a song about a man who is not afraid to let his girl know just how he feels? Along the same lines “You’ll never be sorry,” is another song that holds deep emotion. This is a good song to get married to and a classic to play even if it isn’t your song.

For my last two picks, I have saved the best for last. My number nine song would have to be “Vertical Expression” which is loaded in sexual innuendos and a fun song to listen to. My number ten song and by far my favorite would have to be “You ain’t just a whistling Dixie.” I already knew I had strong family ties to the south, but this song has almost become my anthem.

There is the list and definitely one filled with some good memories, good times and new memories to be made. If you are a country fan, these are the songs that you should have in your arsenal.

That time of year has come once again. The Holiday season has fallen upon us…and so has the big meals, candies, sweets of other kinds ect, ect. Like it or not this time of year is full of eating, and the things your eating ends up being some of the worst weight gain offenders out there, with their high fat and high calorie content, and like it or not, weight gain is usually an issue during this time of the year. I myself have already had a reminder of this when I saw I gained nine pounds this season…and that’s just Halloween candy left over’s! Boy do I have to buckle down! If you are already finding yourself facing the same dilemma, here are a few tips you might want to try.

First of all, remember your portion sizes. don’t be tempted to take big servings. Big servings means more calories for you to burn. In your normal day to day life your body only burns the bare minimum calories to keep you going. Remember that unused calories store as fat on your body. So be sure your not eating more then your body can burn in the same twenty four hour period. Here’s a suggestion on making sure your portion sizes stay small. Use a smaller plate then your used too. Believe it or not this is a mental trick. The less space you have on your plate to put food, the less food you will eat.

Just say no to seconds. Seconds may be nice but they are unnecessary and they drastically add to the calorie intake your getting. If your trying not to gain weight, and especially if your trying to lose weight, that second helping will destroy your progress really quickly and you will find your goals run askew. Just don’t do it! In the vacations, the consumption of the junk food should be reduced through the people. The progress is based on the intake of the resurge to reduce the weight. The resurge pills should be purchased from the reputed site within the budget prepared with intelligence. The progress should be remarked through the person.

Avoid carbonated or sweet drinks. These generally use high fructose corn syrup. This sweetener really does a number on your body weight as its extremely easy for your body to store it as fat. Drink water and unsweetened teas. Alcohol in moderation is ok but remember too much is really bad for your health and you should keep an eye on your intake of it. It can also add to the calories your taking in making your body work more to keep its weight down.

Eat five smaller meals a day. We’ve all heard this before but it definitely bears mentioning. When you eat five smaller meals a day it speeds up your metabolism so that your body doesn’t have the chance to store anything as fat. And better yet, since its already burning your calorie intake more efficiently, any exercise you do will be much more efficient.

Do not eat after a certain time of day. Set a cut off time for you to stop eating and stick to it no matter what. Food provides energy to the body. That unused energy stores as fat. So when you eat close to bed time you actually end up doing more harm then good to your body. The reason why is that when you sleep, anything that you ate before you went to bed is not really being used by the body for anything. So of course as with all unused energy, it gets stored as fat.

Finally…Exercise. If you don’t exercise, your body will remain right where it is. Remember that our calorie intake only covers what your normal day to day activities need to be accomplished. Great way to start is walk. Pick a day where you walk to do some of your close by errands. Or better yet, if you can afford it get a gym membership and use it. Learn how to use the different machines properly so you can get the most benefit out of them.

The holiday season is hard to deal with, especially where our body is concerned. If you really work at it, it doesn’t have to an exercise in seeing how out of shape you can get. Fight that bulge and keep your self trim.

Parisian designer Babara Bui shows her stuff this spring 2020 season with primarily black and white fashions. There are some garments of silver and gray used in two piece ensembles and dresses. For this season, we see pants with masculine lines, and dresses with feminine lines. There is something for every woman in this season’s ready to wear collection. Below are my top five pick’s from Bui’s collection:

The first dress(1) we see here is black with one shoulder strap that consists of a separate piece of fabric that drapes across the body to the right hip. This is a unique effect not often seen in one-strap dresses. The loose part flows down freely past the hem of the skirt. The skirt portion of the dress is short so you will want to wear some natural toned stockings with this dress. Add some accessories like gold beads or pearls and a pair of matching earrings. This dress can be worn to any dinner or cocktail party this spring season.

If you’re looking to find wholesale clothing in the UK, then skirts are the latest fashion trends that have held their own against other dresses for more than a decade now especially with young girls going gaga over it for parties and discos.

Here is a pretty two piece outfit(2) of a silver colored sleeveless top with a black zipper in the front and black slacks. The collar of the blouse is slightly ruffled and the pattern in the fabric is of hearts. With these hearts, looking for something to wear on a special date does not require looking any further than this. Add a silver bracelet and you’re all dressed up.

I like the ethnic look of the trim used on the third dress.(3) It looks like a granulated design, the kind you might see decorating garments found at excavation sites. This is very modern, though, and very striking for any outing or party this spring. A choker style necklace will look great with this dress. Try blue or red beads with this to add some color.

This next two piece outfit(4) is a bit whimsical: the sleeveless blouse is pink with a variety of slithering snakes in gray and black on the fabric, paired with black pants. There is no need to fear these snakes, though; they are happy to live on the fabric next to your skin for the spring season this year. This cute outfit can be worn to the mall when you go shopping.

Last up on the list is this slightly oversized sleeveless blouse and skirt.(5) The blouse has a V-neckline, while the skirt has a white and gray abstract pattern against a black background. I like how the blouse sits loosely over the waist. Try wearing some bold gold jewelry with this outfit to dress it up

Barbara Bui(6) fashions can be purchased through her boutique and BOC in New York City. The average price for her fashions range between $500.00 and $900.00.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations have just released! Being a huge fan of the series, I decided to pick it up at midnight and quickly return home to play it and log my experience. Most of this review will cover Sequence One, which was about an hour into the game that I tried on unblocked games online. Don’t worry. There won’t be any spoilers that haven’t already been revealed via trailers. So, sit back and relax. Enjoy the ride that is the first hour of a truly amazing game…and experience.

What is Happening?

For those of you that are left behind, let me catch you up. Ezio is now…well old and the ‘mentor’ of the Assassins order. He travels to Constantinople to discover the secrets that Altair (his and Desmond’s ancestor) left behind. Only to find out, danger awaits him as the Templars have taken over.

The first scene takes the player through a very familiar place from the original Assassin’s Creed, Masyaf. This scene is also something fans have seen in the official story trailer. Masyaf was Altair’s home practically and where he learned to be an assassin. However, it is heavily guarded by Templars. Ezio is trying to discover the secrets while avoiding the Templars at the same time. During many of the loading sequences, you also hear some other familiar voices…I won’t use this review to spoil the audience, but do note that there is a lot more to this than one first thought. I’ll leave it at that.

Gameplay Challenges

Through the first sequence, there weren’t many gameplay challenges at the beginning and it took some time to familiarize with the controls. The ‘Y’ (Xbox) or Triangle(PS3) button is no longer Eagle Vision, it is the left analog click. It also has a new name: Eagle Sense. The player can now see guards patrol patterns and where they are likely to park themselves. This has become a saving grace in many situations during the first sequence.

The greatest thing about the Assassin’s Creed series is the fact they throw the player into the action right from the beginning and continue to throw it at the player throughout the game so the player does not get bored. There’s no mindless dialogue or unimportant details to sit through. It also does not lack in the story either. It continues a very brilliantly designed epic that was laid in place from the previous two games.

This author is glad to say that the team at Ubisoft also brought back “Full Synchronization” in missions. This is simply challenges during a mission that a player must complete to achieve ‘full sync’ or 100%. This allows the completionist to go that ‘extra mile.’

Conclusion Assassin’s Creed: Revelations were and are a fun game to play and this author personally recommends it to anyone who might be on the fence about it. Even if the reader is not a fan of the series, it is still a fun and entertaining game to play as well as following along with the story. This was just the first hour of the game, this author can only imagine how the rest will be.

If you have been on a weight loss program for a while and losing the average one pound a week, you could probably use a little motivation. While losing one to two pounds a week is a healthy goal, there are a few ways to boost that weight loss program and see results a little faster. The following is a guide to the plan that this author has used to lose four pounds in just one week, and two pounds or more a week after that.

First, you must take a good look at your calorie intake. While many will make suggestions such as adding a “zero” to the end of the weight that you want to be (in other words, if you want to weigh 140 lbs., eat 1400 calories a day), this is a rather slow process of losing weight. Most doctors will tell you that a 1200 calorie diet plan is the way to start shedding those unwanted pounds quickly, no matter what your goal weight is. If you have a hard time with this low amount of calories, use a diet diary to see what is adding the highest amount of calories to your daily diet and try to cut your intake of that food or beverage in half. For example, if you consume two twelve ounce soft drinks a day, cut that into one and you will be saving 150 calories. If people lack motivation, then the resurge reviews will boost-up the morale for the consumption of the pills. The ingredients are natural which do not cause side-effect on the human body. The intake of the calories should be reduced to get effective results from the weight reducing pills.

Next, make sure to do light cardio exercise about thirty minutes to an hour a day, and include muscle toning to your routine. Now, the reason it is important not to overdo it on your cardio routine is simple. You will have consumed a very low amount of calories, and most of your regular daily activities should have burned almost all of them off. If you exercise too strenuously, not only do you run the risk of losing a great deal of much needed energy, but you will cause yourself to feel ravenous and quickly needing another meal. Take it easy when consuming such a light amount of calories, but if you eat more than the allotted 1200, which will happen from time to time, make sure to up your cardio routine that particular day to burn off the excess. Finally, give yourself an easy way to make sure that you stay right at 1200 calories a day without going over.

Allow yourself 400 calories for breakfast, 300 for lunch, 300 for dinner, and 100 for a snack. Please remember that these calories need to come from foods, not beverages or diet shakes. It is essential that you eat at least 1200 calories each day, and no less. If you go 50-75 calories over, you will probably still be just fine. It is better to go a little over than under, as our calorie needs are quite high with the busy lifestyles that most of us lead today. Please talk to your doctor before starting this program, as the calorie intake may be too low for some people. It is essential that you discuss what you are eating, your exercise routine, and how many calories a day your are taking in with your doctor or dietician to ensure your safety while on this program.